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Botox and Fillers - Wrinkle Removal


What is BOTOX®?

• BOTOX® is a natural, purified protein that relaxes lines – causing muscles creating a smoother, rejuvenated and more
youthful appearance
• A simple and quick, minimally invasive non-surgical treatment that delivers great, natural-looking results
• BOTOX® is the only product of its kind with a recently published safety record from 1966-2009

Is BOTOX® safe?

• BOTOX® has a proven and established safety profile.
• In a meta-analysis clinical paper where patients were reviewed from 1966-2003, BOTOX® was found to have a favourable safety and tolerability across a broad spectrum of
therapeutic uses .
• BOTOX® is approved for use in over 70 countries.
• Over 11 million BOTOX® cosmetic procedures performed since 2002.

When will I see results and for how long?
• BOTOX® will begin to take effect at 2-3 days. Visible results at 7 days and at its optimum at approx 15 days

What can I expect from a BOTOX®
• A natural effect. The frozen look this is a myth
• Lasts 4-6 months, possibly longer depending on individual
• Repeat every 4-6 months for optimum results
• May last longer with repeated treatments
• Result will wear off progressively - not sudden
• Your wrinkles will NOT come back worse, this is a myth