Stretch Marks

Stretch marks start off red in colour, and are lines which distribute over the skin's surface. Over time, they mature and turn to a silvery shade. It is best to treat them when they are relatively new, in order to effectively reduce them.

Many different body shapes and sizes have stretch marks, it is not purely down to weight gain/loss.

They can develop at key stages of growth, for example, during puberty and pregnancy, and also develop when there is a change in diet or exercise regime.

How many sessions will i need, and how far apart can i have them?

Most procedures for stretch marks will take 3-5sessions, set 4-6 weeks apart. It does depend on the treatment provided, at Aneja Skin Care we house large collection of treatment options which is why a consultation is vital.

We really can tailor our treatments to you.

When Can I See the results

Results can be seen after first sitting itself but multile sittings furthur improve them

Am I a Suitable Candidate?

An ideal candidate will have fresh stretch marks which will be easier to manage, but mature stretch marks are also treatable. Older stretchmarks usually require a more intense procedure, and may take more sessions to achieve results.

It is not advisable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding undergo any cosmetic procedures. While there is no clinical data that shows treatment to be detrimental to the patient or the baby, we always err on the side of caution.

What areas can be treated?

Most areas of the body can be treated. Some of the most common areas are the tummy and thighs.